Special note on ironing that is laundered and dried by the client:

Ironing that is laundered by the client may be dried in one of three ways: air-dried, dried in a tumble dryer or dried in a combined washer/condenser drier.


If a washing machine is packed too tightly, not only will this reduce the effectiveness of the wash, it will also create a vast amount of creasing in the articles being washed, making them difficult to dry and iron smoothly.

Air Drying

Washing that is dried on the line on a warm, windy day, where there is plenty of movement in the fabric, is usually reasonably free of heavy creases. However, ironing that is dried on the line on a still, sunny day will have many creases heat dried into the fabric, making them difficult to iron smoothly.

Tumble Drying

A tumble dryer that isn’t packed too tightly, leaving the articles space to ‘tumble’ properly, produces the best results for perfect ironing. In fact, many items may not need ironing after tumble drying. However, if the dryer is packed too tightly and the articles cannot tumble properly then, not only does this reduce the efficiency of the dryer, it also causes creases to be heat dried into the fabric, making them difficult to iron smoothly. Remember, through greater efficiency, less energy will be used to dry two half-sized loads than one full-sized load.

Condenser Drying

While combined washing machines/condenser dryers are proving popular in today’s ever smaller kitchens, they can, unfortunately, be the worst of both worlds. If packed even slightly too much - and nowhere near the machine’s very optimistic load rating - then the washing cycle will leave the articles badly creased even before the drying cycle takes over. As a condenser dryer works by heating the articles to evaporate the water before condensing it, these creases are permanently heat dried into the fabric, making them impossible to iron smoothly.


Tumble drying with a light load is by far the most effective means of obtaining the best results from our ironing service.

We aim to provide the very highest standard of finish but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee these high standards when creases have been heat dried into the fabric by any of the above means.


By giving us your ironing you agree to the following terms:


· It is your responsibility to ensure all items given for ironing are suitable for ironing.

· You agree to pay Cash on Delivery or, if agreed in advance, by BACs Direct Credit within three days of receipt of invoice.

· Once delivered to your home, or to the agreed safe place, the ironed items are no longer our responsibility.

In return, we undertake:


· To treat your property with the utmost care and respect.

· To provide the service that we advertise.

· To carry out the ironing in a clean, smoke-free and pet-free environment.

· To deliver the ironed items within the agreed time frame.

· Only to use your email address to send you emails in connection with your ironing orders and to inform you of any new services or incentives that we may offer in future.

· Never to disclose or to sell to a third party any of your contact details and in particular your email address.


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