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Weíll smooth your washday blues!

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Personal Laundry Services, Professionally Delivered


Here at Crease Crisis we offer a combination of laundry services that youíre unlikely to find anywhere else and that would be very expensive to replicate in your home. These services are tailored to your personal requirements and may include any or all of the following:




Weíve invested in Steam-Wash Technology, so you may enjoy all the benefits of this next big thing in garment cleaning - without bearing the cost. The injection of steam into the wash provides a number of benefits for you AND the environment:


Stain Removal

Steam penetrates the fabric more deeply and more effectively than water alone and helps remove even those more stubborn stains.


Odour Elimination

That same deep penetration helps eliminate the bad odours that can often build up in some garments, but which are not always removed by ordinary washing machines in water alone.


Allergens and Pet Canker Removal

Steam also breaks up allergens and pet canker, helping to remove these from your garments.


Gentler on Fabrics

Steam washing is gentler on fabrics than washing in water alone - so your clothes look better for longer (unsuitable for some fabrics.)


Environmental Benefits

Steam washing uses less water, requires less energy and needs less detergent to produce superior results than washing in only water.


Detergent & Softener


Bold 2 in 1 Detergent & Fabric Softener

We donít use a product youíve never heard of, we use one you know and trust. Bold 2 in 1 Detergent & Fabric Softener combines superb cleaning power and ultra-soft fabric conditioning with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance.


Ecover Ecological Detergent & Fabric Softener

More and more people are developing allergies to biological detergents and their fragrances or are becoming more conscious of the impact they have on the environment. We therefore offer the option of this non-biological washing powder, which safely cleans all white and colourfast laundry, is based on plant ingredients that are non perfumed, free from optical brighteners and which have quick and complete biodegradability and minimum impact on aquatic life. However, the same results cannot be expected from these non-biological† products.




While normal laundry rinsing is adequate for most peopleís needs, those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to fragrances require their laundry to be more intensively rinsed. At Crease Crisis we offer warm water rinsing for better dilution of detergent and/or additional rinse cycles to ensure more thorough removal of detergent.




To obtain the best results for ironing, itís important that laundry items are dried not too dry and not too damp. We therefore use tumble dryers with humidity sensors to ensure optimal results every time.




All ironing is expertly carried out by hand using professional, steam-generating irons. Bed linen, with the exception of fitted sheets, is ironed flat to ensure no unsightly and damaging folds are ironed permanently into the material. This ensures your linen lasts longer and always looks as new.




Garments are either hung on hangers or folded as required then placed in poly-bags for delivery. Hangers supplied by us are charged extra, as is shirt and blouse folding. All other folding is free of charge.


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Our Service:

 You bag up your laundry including any hangers required before giving us a call or send us an email to arrange collection and delivery dates/times and to give us any special instructions for handling your laundry and/or ironing.

 Alternatively, you may drop off your laundry at our premises and collect it when itís ready.

 We count and/or weigh the laundry in order to complete an invoice, showing any discounts earned and delivery charges due.

 We email the invoice to you (if your email address has been provided) so you are aware of the charges before we deliver or you collect.

 We complete the washing and/or ironing according to your instructions, hang it on your hangers, supplying more if required, or fold it as requested.

 We poly-bag it all for protection.

 We deliver the finished ironing back to your home on the agreed date and as close as possible to the agreed time.

 You pay us in Cash or by Cheque at time of delivery or by BACS on-line Direct Credit Transfer if agreed in advance.†