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We price all laundry and most ironing by weight, rather than by item or by basket, as this is by far the simplest and fairest method and because it offers you the maximum flexibility for the minimum effort:


 Thereís no confusion over how items should be classified;


 You may give us any amount of laundry and/or ironing and not just what you can fit in a standard basket;


 You donít have to wait until a basket is full, just call us whenever your laundry is ready to collect - whatever the amount - or set up a regular weekly of fortnightly collection;


 You donít have to waste time meticulously folding everything to maximize the amount you can fit into a basket - just throw it all in a bag or laundry basket and weíll take care of the rest;


 You only pay for the exact amount you give us, not for the full capacity of a partially filled basket.


Pricing by weight (or by volume) can produce anomalies however, as heavier (and bulkier) items such as jeans, trousers and rugby shirts, which can weigh up to 1kg but donít take proportionately long to iron, would be priced too high and this would be unfair to our customers.


On the other hand, lighter items such as many ladiesí garments, which weigh very little but can take disproportionately long to iron, would be priced too low and this would be unfair to our ironers.


By far the majority of garments weigh between 170g and 340g and these are priced at £4.70 per kg. Garments outside this range are priced per item: £1.60 for any garment over 340g (about 12 oz) and 90p for any adultís garment under 170g (about 6 oz). We also have a minimum price of 30p each for any other items under 60g (about 2 oz) such as handkerchiefs. These are listed and priced on our invoices so you always know how youíre being charged.


Collection and Delivery


Spend more on our laundry and ironing services and you pay less for collection and delivery!


No-one likes paying for collection and delivery and we donít like charging for it, but with the current cost of fuel, we can only offer it free on the first five miles for orders over £12, after which we charge 60p per mile, calculated only one way.


However, for every further £12 spent on our services you receive a £1 rebate on your collection and delivery charges - until these are reduced to zero if your order is sufficiently large.


For delivery and collection charges to your town or village in Dorset, please click on the appropriate sub-tab at the top of the page to display alphabetic lists totalling around 100 places.


NB Distances are calculated or measured once, one way between postcodes.


To save on these costs:


 Gather more laundry before ordering for maximum rebate.


 Combine with friends or neighbours and weíll split the charges.


 If you work closer to our base, we can collect from and deliver to your workplace, to a friendís or a relativeís house - or you can drop off your laundry at our premises and collect it again later.


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Abbotsbury - Easton | Evershot - Lytchett Matravers | Maiden Newton - Stratton | Studland - Yetminster


Wash and Dry Only

Duvets up to King size

All other laundry

£12.00 each


Iron Only

All clothing

All bed linen



With a:

Maximum per garment

Min. per adultís garment

Minimum for any item

£1.60 each

90p each

30p each

Wash, Dry and Iron

All clothing

All bed linen



(Maximum and minimum charges apply to ironed garments as above.)


Warm water rinsing

Extra rinses


Shirt/blouse folding each



12p each

40p each


Off your first order

For introducing a friend




24-hour Return Service

Same Day Service




As a guide:

10 shirts + 6 T-shirts + 3 trousers = 5 kilos

2 King size duvet covers + 2 sheets + 8 pillowcase = 5 kilos


Commercial Laundry

If you have a restaurant, hotel, B&B or holiday cottages then please contact us for prices to launder your table linen, chefís whites, bed linen and towels on a regular basis.

Click here to send an email enquiry.